About us

Having gained much experience both as an international mediator, conflict coach and an inter-cultural personal coach, Alexandra discovered that her long passion for people and horses, knowledge of psychology and coaching people had an unexpected hidden bond:

After a thorough equi-training, where I studied the horses’ systemic and reflective behaviour and their healing powers on human psychology, including their inherent ‘analytical skills’ to discover blocked energy within a person or a team, I am able to help you to have a better relation with yourself and your inner powers and thus having a direct positive effect on your environment.

During my international experience in companies and organizations, I acquired an extensive feeling and knowledge of human relations within different cultural environmental context and a profound interest in human psychology; the most effective ways to obtain balance, harmony and happiness as well as the positive influence and healing powers of nature and especially … horses.

Workshops are organised in the lovely region of Languedoc in the South of France, near Narbonne, in Rieti near Rome, Vienna in Austria, as well as in the Netherlands or Israel. However, sessions can be held in different places throughout Europe at dates or at arranged places determined by the client.

Possible languages during sessions are English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Hebrew or even Arabic.

For business and organisations, I provide ways to improve the communication, type of cooperation and leadership in your team, the managers type of leadership and thus improve the general atmosphere in your business, which increases your turnover.