Team building & corporate workshops: a group of horses will improve its energy!

Coaching with horses for your company, organisations or teams; leadership and management skills, avoiding conflicts and raise synergy:
  • would you like to understand your style of leadership?
  • are you aware of the effect of your behaviour on your work environment?
  • are you able to look into the mirror and be confronted with that what is?
  • would you like to resolve conflicts with your colleague(s) / partner / team?
How does it work?

Whenever a person enters into a group of horses, with their systemic and sensitive intuition by nature, they will immediately start a new order and hierarchy in that group:

  • Where is your place in that herd?
  • Where do I stand in the herd, as a "fellow-horse"?

(Note: there is absolutely no riding involved - thus suitable if people have no prior experience with horses)

Horses will sense if the interior of a person is congruent to his exterior.
If not, they will do everything to improve the state of that person, or group of persons, to serve the total synergy of the group

... All for the safety and survival of the herd; a 'greater good', where everybody is important.

I assist clients and teams in their search for more balanced cooperation and personal development, also to avoid burnout tendencies.

Horse-coaching offers a possibility of a perfect cooperation between my energetic way of working and the loving input of horses.
Horses are masters in detecting the dynamics of the present and enable us to do systemic work

Please do not hesitate to mail us for further details!