Why coaching with horses?
Horses immediately react on the energy of a person and show them his/her way of interactions in a kind of "tableau vivant". Every inner change of the coachee, makes the horse to react to that state. Horses, though their evolution, work systemically, in the now-and-here, without any judgement. This provides a good insight in one's themes in life and blocked situations can get in to motion again, through the systemic way.

What is systemic work?
From our early days our lives are filled with many systemsL family, relatives, school, organisations, etc. We are thus a part of such systems. The rules are sometimes quite complex, if not complicated, and unconsciously, it influences our behaviour. This makes it difficult for us to change certain patterns of our behaviour, as we are not always fully aware what goes on inside us because of that.

Do you recognise certain patterns in your behaviour, no matter what they keep coming back? Although being aware, changing them is not so easy. Perhaps there is a chance, that the underlying reason is deeper in your conscience than you realise.

From a systemic method (working with a constellation of horses) we probe questions of people, which they struggle with and would like to move forward.

Such a question could be: What place do I take? How to get a better relationship with my partner? How can I learn to set my off-limits? How do I get rid of my critical behaviour? Why am I always defensive and how to adapt? Why cannot I enjoy? Why am I constantly restless? etc....

Role of representatives
In the constellation we make avail of representatives. That could be you (or even another horse, that is)  You will thus become part of the system-constellation of the coachee with a question. Je represent someone or something from his/her system (a relative, or more abstract his/her fear, passion, sorrow, heart...). And though it may seem futile, your representative role could also bring you some insight on your own being.

Also for corporate businesses
Not only personal, but also many organisational problems have a systemic foundation. By working with horses one can reveal hidden blockages within an orgnisation (family/company) and become more tangible and solvable.

A systemic constellation gives profound insights in the underlying dynamics and interconnections. Working with such a  technique ill bring a long-term, lasting effect and much of the insights have a healing nature.

Practical information
Drs Alexandra Sitch en Drs Simone Thissen

Venue: Stougjesdijk 83, 3273 LM  Westmaas (just below Rotterdam)

Fees for individuals (private) clients
€ 115,- for working on a life-question of a private participant
€ 20,- voor representatives/observers
€ 997,- for a specialised management / corporate day-programme
Betaling dient vooraf te worden voldaan.

Individual (follwo-up) sessions and tailor-made corporate support, prices are adjusted accordingly on request
(all prices are without VAT)

We work in small groups ith a maximum o 10 people, 2 questions mer morning/afternoon.

In case you are curious in our couching, what it could mean to you, or you know someone, who could benefit from it, you can always register or contact us:
via info@eponacoaching.com (Alexandra) or
via info@venucon.nl (Simone)

Let us know if you have a question or are willing to find out about yourself or become a representative...

with kindest regards,

Alexandra en Simone

International Mediator, Systemic Equi-Coach
Tel: +31 6 54346410

Systemic Equi-Coach

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