3 weekend-Coaching in Apeldoorn ( NL )


An Intensive training for professionals to improve synergy and productivity, as well as more balance and happiness in your life and relations.
A journey with horses, to find your place, your real self in your organization, in life and your relations!

Given by experienced systemic equine-assisted coaches and organisation consultant and international mediator:
  • Coby van der Hoeff from Kifungo
  • Alexandra Sitch from Sitch Mediation & Coaching International
An intensive training: 6 days, spread over 3 months

Beemt (near Apeldoorn, the Netherlands) - a location just over the German border, in the middle of nature, a picturesque region

  • 15-16 November:
    Analysis of your place in life, relations, non-verbal communicationA weekend to determine your intentions, eventual blockages in communication, burnout, your decision which path to take

  • 11-12 December:
    Your development until now, the consequences of your decisions. Looking into the questions and answers of each participant, with the help of the systemic nature of horses and “the knowing field”.

  • 31 January -1 February:
    Implementation of your new path in your company, relations and life

Price: EUR 3.995,- individual coaching in a group with 2 coaches.
This includes also: 6 days of intensive sessions, 3 overnights Bed and Breakfast from Saturday to Sunday, lunches, coffee, tea and refreshments

An ideal training to:
- Improve your relations and solve conflicts
- develop your potential, avoid burnouts,
- remove blockages to improve your authentic leadership,
- develop your positive empathic crystal clear communication
- obtain synergy in your team
- skills to resolve conflicts
- function positively in a multicultural environment and connect

• would you like to understand your style of leadership, your non-verbal communication?
• are you aware of the effect of your behaviour on your work environment?
• are you able to look into the mirror and be confronted with that what is?
• would you like to resolve conflicts with your colleague(s) / partner / team?

How does it work?
Whenever a person enters into a group of horses, with their systemic and sensitive intuition by nature, they will immediately start a new order and hierarchy in that group:
  • Where is your place in that herd?
  • Where do I stand in the herd, as a "fellow-horse"?
(Note: there is absolutely no riding involved! - thus suitable if people have no prior experience with horses)

Horses will sense if the interior of a person is congruent to his exterior. If not, they will do everything in their language / expression to improve the state of that person, or group of persons, to serve the total synergy of the group

Intensive equine-assisted training for professionals for improving synergy and efficiency, as well as a balance in your relationship(s) and life.

A journey with horses, to determine your place, your true self in your organisation!

Given by
  • Equine-Assited Coach and Organisation Consultant Coby van der Hoef from Kifungo and
  • Systemic Equine-Assisted Coach and International Mediator Alexandra Sitch from Sitch Mediation & Coaching International

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