LinkedIn Artikel - Where is your place in the herd? And in life?

Sometimes, reason, theories and too many words do not solve a conflict between people or the confusion within yourself!

Horses Help You

Where is your place in the herd and in life?

A lady, after much unhappiness in her life, some failures in her management position, asked herself this question during one of my coaching sessions.

The horse stayed at a certain distance from her, indicating the distance she experienced from her own real self, due to several systemic relations in the past.

With an exercise she made a step towards a more successful professional and private life; closing her eyes and being convinced of her self worth, FEELING an unconditional love in her whole body, the horse walked in a straight line towards her, making contact and opening her eyes for a new stronger attitude, aligning reason with the heart and intuition, better professional relations and attracting more success in her life.

Equitherapy, coaching with horses, continues there, where other types of coaching stop...

A coaching session with horses will tell you the truth without judgment and indicate which factors or influences of a systemic background block you and what to do to step into your inner strength, without words..

Horses are equally wonderful coaches for TEAM BUILDING and MEDIATION, due to their extremely developed senses to survive in a herd; they detect immediately the blocked energy in the group and thrive to compensate the weakest link.

I am passionate about helping people with their life questions, conflicts and consider horses the best masters to help us in all aspects; aligning our brain/ reason with our heart and intuition.

Contact me for a test session at our facilities in France, Holland, Austria or another venue if desired:

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