LINKEDIN Artikel - Mediation; The Third Neutral

Mediation is alternative dispute resolution by a third neutral, experienced and knowledgable party. Mediation has been used for centuries and has proved to be a constructive way of solving conflicts.It avoids legal procedures, high lawyer costs, and a feeling of injustice and frustration. A dispute is analyzed and traced back in all detail, by seperating it from any emotional element.

At the end of a mediation session, people have more understanding for eachother, and are often able to continue an improved relation or better way of communication with eachother and progress further in a positive manner.

The parties work together to find a wise and appropriate solution, acceptable for both parties.

I specialize in mediation for companies and individuals, involving different cultures and/ or languages. In each culture we have to deal with different reference frames and social codes of conduct, making communication more challenging.

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