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The recent crash of the Airbus 320 of GermanWings,in which 149 people died, shocked the whole world in being perceived as ''yet another" aircraft accident. However, even more shockingly perhaps, in this case it has emerged that the likely cause of the accident was the co-pilot acting alone in a case of suicide - murder, it becoming increasingly clear that the co-pilot was or had been suffering from depression and work related stress.

In many companies and organisations, it remains a taboo to talk about psychological disorders, mental illness and burn outs.

People rather do not tell their managers that they feel lacking in confidence or lacking energy;talking about depression gives them the feeling that they are considered less capable of doing their job and fulfilling expectations.

Employees value being part of a strong and dynamic team, and may find it difficult to function optimally when a member of the team is not connecting properly with the others.

Tension and bullying at work are often the order of the day without anybody bringing the issues into broad daylight.

Several reports show that employers are afraid of sickness leave and of people not functioning properly. Sickness leave and lack of communication entail lots of costs for the company

People who are depressed are at least perceived as less able to perform properly and fulfill the tasks expected of them. Whilst not the reason given, in certain companies, some people who are depressed are even made redundant.

This is clearly a waste of human potential, with people across a whole spectrum of abilities and attributes being able to contribute to an organisation.

By acknowledging the problem, by rising above ïdées fixes" and misconceptions, by accepting certain mental illnesses, a topic becomes more accesible and easier to solve.

Mediation can restimulate and further facilitate the flow of communication in order to reach innovative solutions together.

This would make many people feel more comfortable and motivated to do their job.

MEDIATION between team members or between management and employees, as well as conflictsolving/ teambuilding workshops can open doors to both, and to all players involved.

A MEDIATOR is a third neutral person outside the team, but sufficiently connected to reduce obstacles to dialogue and thereby to rejuvenate lines of communication and create a new synergy.

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