LinkedIn Artikel - Doing Business in Europe: a workshop on intracultural and universal communication

"Humanity ( in "The Circle of Life") has forgotten the Original Language, but all other animals still remember how to speak it....." 15 November 2015 in Tel Aviv at the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce.

Dr Alexandra Sitch will give an Introductory Workshop "Inter-cultural training and universal communication for Israelis, organizations and businesses" in cooperation with Modai Legal Counselling Tel Aviv.

Starting negotiations with a potential international partner? Doing business abroad? Implementing a reorganisation in a local branch?

In this workshop we highlight the pitfalls of the different approaches that could affect your success and how business and projects can collapse because of a minor misunderstanding.

Bringing you awareness and tools to establish better contacts and positive longterm cooperation. Coordinated by Modai Group in cooperation with FICC

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