LinkedIn Artikel - DigitEcon/Flow4Biz Workshop: “Cultural Aspects of Business and Social Selling”

Target group: Sales, Marketing, Product-Quality Management, Social Selling, Customer Service

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A. Social Selling:

Goal: understanding how the challenges in the B2B field can be mastered with the tools of digitalization.

  1. Background
    • drastic change in management - focus: B2B
      (Real Life Situation B2B Solution Sales vs. Procurement) Think globally - succeed locally
    • only strategic and structural application of Social Media can be successful
  2. Description - What is Social Selling? 
  3. Why do I need a Social Selling concept? 
  4. Which tools are available? How do I proceed to implement them?


B. Intercultural business and negotiation, Social Code, avoidance and resolution of conflicts.

  1. Prevention of conflicts through knowledge of the different markets and their culture: presentation of the different countries and their social code in Europe, Asia, Israel, USA
  2. Different negotiation techniques: empathy-assertivity / body-language / communication
  3. Communication; in organization/management teams, within teams, with clients, with official institutions…
  4. Exercises; role games communication / conflict resolution


Length of training: 6 to 8 hours (tailor made to the needs of your company)

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