3-Wochenend Coaching in Apeldoorn ( NL )


Pferdegestütztes Intensivtraining für Fachkräfte zur Verbesserung von Synergie und Produktivität, wie Balance in Ihren Beziehungen und Leben.
Eine Reise mit Pferden, um Ihren Platz, Ihr wahres Ich in Ihrer Organisation, im Leben und in Ihren Beziehungen zu finden!

     Systemic Equine Assisted Coach und Organisationsberater:
  • Coby van der Hoef von Kifungo, Systemic Equine Assisted Coach und
  • International Mediator Alexandra Sitch von Sitch Mediation & Coaching International

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LinkedIn Artikel - Genuine leadership: What can systemic coaching with horses do for you?

More than ever the professional, political and private world has a need for soft skills and emphatic leadership: Very different coaching programmes are being offered and HR departments implementing team or personal trainings do not know anymore what is the most efficient kind of coaching, which really improves communication and flowing good relations both with colleagues and clients, as such.
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LinkedIn Artikel - A stronger connection with yourself...and others

Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we learn. The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and prejudices and the acceptance of love back in our hearts. Love is the essential reality and our purpose on earth. To be consciously aware of it, to experience love in ourselves and others is the meaning of life. Meaning does not lie in things. Meaning lies in us.
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LinkedIn Artikel - Malpractice within Mediation

Misunderstandings which ruin the reputation of professional mediators

Lawyers often offer their services as mediators, who unfortunately give ‘inadequate’ mediation or conflict-solving and give the concept of mediation a bad name thus creating many misconceptions among its clients:
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LinkedIn Artikel - Doing Business in Europe: a workshop on intracultural and universal communication

"Humanity ( in "The Circle of Life") has forgotten the Original Language, but all other animals still remember how to speak it....." 15 November 2015 in Tel Aviv at the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce.

Dr Alexandra Sitch will give an Introductory Workshop "Inter-cultural training and universal communication for Israelis, organizations and businesses" in cooperation with Modai Legal Counselling Tel Aviv.

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LinkedIn Artikel - Mediation in der Gesellschaft und Politik: eine Notwendigkeit für die Demokratie!

Wir leben in einer Zeit voller Veränderungen und grosser Entwicklungen. Eine Zeit wo Geld und Macht, alte patriarchale Werte immer noch die steuernden Kräfte in der Gesellschaft und Politik. sind.  Wenn man die Entwicklungen in der Welt betrachtet, aber auch in der nationalen und regionalen Politik, hat man das Gefühl dass der einzelne Bürger die Kontrolle über das System verloren hat. Die Menschen sind oft nicht mehr informiert oder fühlen eine Art Frustration bei den Wahlen weil ja sowieso, denkt man, die grossen Organisationen und Koalitionen der Politiker die Entscheidungen treffen: Manche Bürger nehmen nicht mal mehr Teil an den Wahlen!
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LinkedIn Artikel - Human capital: Invest, connect and cherish it with Mediation!

The recent crash of the Airbus 320 of GermanWings,in which 149 people died, shocked the whole world in being perceived as ''yet another" aircraft accident. However, even more shockingly perhaps, in this case it has emerged that the likely cause of the accident was the co-pilot acting alone in a case of suicide - murder, it becoming increasingly clear that the co-pilot was or had been suffering from depression and work related stress.
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LINKEDIN Artikel - Mediation; The Third Neutral

Mediation is alternative dispute resolution by a third neutral, experienced and knowledgable party. Mediation has been used for centuries and has proved to be a constructive way of solving conflicts.It avoids legal procedures, high lawyer costs, and a feeling of injustice and frustration. A dispute is analyzed and traced back in all detail, by seperating it from any emotional element.
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